On The Occasion of Art Basel Parcours 2021

Galerie Tschudi Presents

Walking In  Every Direction

A Public Walk by Walking Artist Hamish Fulton

Hamish Fulton

For almost 50 years the British walking artist Hamish Fulton (*1946, London) has been undertaking walks in many countries. He does not document his “walks” in traditional terms, but rather refers to them through works that heavily abstract the experience itself. Since the 1990s, he has offered public walking opportunities in urban space, where interested participants can explore the experience of walking in the context of art together with the artist.

The Public Walk

During Art Basel, on September 20, 2021, Hamish Fulton will perform one of his walking pieces on the marketplace, inviting the public to join him. In this hour-long public walk, it is the artist together with participants who determine the choreography of the moment. The commanded silence provokes self-reflection, while the communal experience of walking, its interplay of proximity and distance, transforms perceptions of the urban environment. This encourages sensual impressions that are often lost in our hectic daily lives: the conscious sensing of the body in the here and now and the corresponding feeling of deceleration.


The participants will walk in every direction.
Non stop walking, to keep moving for one hour.
Starting in one direction, constantly changing it.

20. September 2021

Marktplatz Basel, 4001 Basel, Google Maps

Starting Time: 4 pm

Meeting Time: 3.30 pm

Duration: 1 h


Thank you!